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Compare Energy Rates: Will Switching Providers Benefit You?

Compare energy prices and make the most of Texas deregulation that gives you the freedom to shop around for providers. When you take advantage of this system, you can comparison shop to find out which provider could benefit you the most.

Why might you want to switch energy companies?

  • If you compare energy prices and find that you could get more suitable supply rates with a different company
  • If a provider offers you different payment options
  • If you can choose energy efficient options and green energy sources
  • If you’ll get additional incentives for switching
  • If you’re not happy with your current customer service
  • If a provider offers a no credit check/no deposit option that's appealing to you

Compare energy companies to pick the best one for you

When you get started with your energy comparison project, you’ll want to compare energy rates offered by different suppliers. Some have various rate options, like stable, variable and indexed plans. You’ll need to decide which of these would work best for you and look for a provider that can give you that option.

If you haven’t switched energy companies since deregulation, it may be the time for you to consider looking for a new provider. You might think you have a great plan now but it’s important to compare suppliers you know for sure.

After you compare energy rates, what next?

Once you compare energy companies and identify the one that benefits you the most, switching providers is not as complicated as you might think it sounds. Just contact your new preferred provider and it will take care of everything. The new company sends you a contract outlining terms of service while it handles the switch behind the scenes with your previous energy provider. Your rates and new plan will kick in soon.

But don’t worry – your service will not be interrupted when you compare energy prices and switch suppliers. Your energy will still be delivered to your home by the same utility as before; you’ll just be paying a different retail energy provider for the electricity you use. You will receive one bill, with charges for both supply and transmission in one payment.

Switching providers is a seamless transition. The hardest part is taking the time to compare energy rates to see whether you want to find a new company, and even that won’t be difficult with the help of