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Discover Direct Energy in Texas

Direct Energy is a retail energy provider based in Houston, Texas. The company began in 1986 and became a subsidiary of Centrica plc in 2000. Now, Direct Energy is one of the largest retail providers in the country with nearly 5 million customers. Texas residents have the power to choose where their electricity supply comes from. It is up to consumers to compare companies and find the best provider for them.

Explore electricity plans from Direct Energy

Direct Energy offers a variety of electricity plans to fit the needs of many consumers. One of the electricity plans Direct Energy offers, Direct Your Plan, lets consumers build their supply plan from top to bottom. It is up to the customer to choose the contract length, rewards and products he or she prefers. Contracts for the Direct Your Plan vary in length from 3 months to 36 months. For residents who want to be protected from supply rate changes, a fixed-rate electricity plan may be the best option. These electricity plans keep the same rate per kWh during the whole contract. Others may prefer a month-to-month plan with more variability. Even the billing options can be customized with Direct Your Plan.

The Power-to-Go electricity plan offers something a little bit different. This prepaid supply plan doesn't require an initial deposit or a contract. Customers of this plan make payments as often as needed to keep their balance above zero. There is no termination fee with the Power-to-Go plan, giving customers even more flexibility.

Consider green energy products

Green energy comes from renewable resources that can be replenished in our lifetime, which can reduce damage to the environment. Many energy companies, including Direct Energy, offer green energy products. The Green Texas 12 plan is available in some areas of Texas. This supply plan uses renewable energy and helps reduce pollution that comes with using nonrenewable sources. The Green Texas 12 also has a fixed rate for 12 months to protect customers against price increases for their supply rate. Business owners in Texas may also be able to choose a green energy supply plan. With the Make Me Green business energy plan, Direct Energy uses a renewable energy certificate purchase program to help offset emissions from commercial energy supply.

Direct Energy gets involved in the community

According to its website, Direct Energy aims to address challenges in the community that are related to energy. Through the Small Business Community Heroes award program, Direct Energy recognizes small business owners who serve their local communities. The Reduce Your Use For Good Grant program helps nonprofit groups make changes that will help them save energy. The money donated to this program can be used to purchase new energy saving appliances or services to help promote their cause.

Compare energy companies in your service area

Use to learn about energy companies in your area. Since it is up to you to choose from the available electricity plans in your area, take the time to learn about each energy company. Take advantage of your power to choose.

Source: Updated: 10-19-15.