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Explore Green Energy Options in Texas

When you explore energy companies in Texas, you will find companies with green energy options and plans. While each supply plan is unique, the idea of renewable energy is not. Many energy supply companies are working to provide energy plans that give back to the planet. Renewable energy, or green energy, comes from a resource that can be replenished, such as water or wind.

Nonrenewable resources, such as coal and natural gas, take millions of years to form. Our supply of these resources is diminishing. Additionally, using nonrenewable resources can create pollution and release greenhouse gases that can harm the environment.

Discover the benefits of renewable energy

Renewable energy has more benefits than people might realize. When you purchase a green energy product, you are helping both the environment and the economy.

  • Renewable energy reduces our dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels and foreign resources.
  • Renewable energy creates new jobs. Texas currently produces the most wind energy in the United States. The green energy industry is creating jobs and opportunities across the state.
  • Renewable energy does not cause significant pollution. Relying on these resources can help improve our air and water quality.

Even if there are no green energy plans available near you, there are other things you can do to give back to the environment.

Energy consumption: What is it?

We consume energy with many of our daily activities. Everything from driving a car to taking a shower contributes to our personal energy consumption. Reducing the amount of energy you use has benefits for your wallet and the planet. There are many ways you can conserve energy in your daily activities.

How to reduce your electricity consumption

In order to reduce your overall energy consumption, you can start by reducing your electricity consumption. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Only use your dishwasher or washing machine when they are fully loaded to reduce the amount of times you use your appliances.
  • Use cold water when you do laundry so your water heater won't use energy to heat up the water.
  • Next time you have to replace a home appliance, choose an energy-efficient model. Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo on your home appliances for the most efficient models.
  • Check for leaks near doors and windows to make sure air isn't escaping. You could be wasting money by heating or cooling air and then letting it leak out of your home.
  • Adjust the temperature in your home a couple of degrees closer to the temperature outside. This way your air conditioner or heater won't have to work as hard to cool or heat your home.
  • Use the microwave instead of the oven whenever possible. Microwaves require less energy than conventional ovens.

Other ways to reduce your energy consumption

Chances are you use more energy than just electricity on a daily basis. Here are some changes you can make in your routine to reduce your energy consumption:

  • Use public transportation or carpool to work. In some smaller cities, mass transit may not be available. Try carpooling with co-workers a few times per week to reduce your dependence on gasoline.
  • Invest in a reusable shopping bag. Plastic bags will not decompose during our lifetime, and many times they end up in the oceans and harming wildlife. Additionally, it requires oil to produce the plastic bags we use. Make the switch to a reusable shopping bag.
  • Plant a garden. Most produce has to travel a long way before it gets to your plate. Save the transportation fuel by growing produce in your backyard.

Updated: 10-9-15.