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Learn More About Just Energy

Just Energy is a retail energy provider that started in 1997 and now serves about 2 million customers across North America. Texas residents and business owners can shop around for energy plans and green energy products, so Just Energy offers a wide variety of products and options to appeal to many consumers.

Discover Texas electricity plans from Just Energy

Just Energy offers a variety of fixed-rate and variable-rate plans for Texas residents. Fixed-rate plans allow consumers to keep the same rate per kWh during the length of their contract. Among the plans available, consumers may be able to choose from the RateShield 60, a five-year fixed-rate plan, or the Texas Essentials 12, a one-year, fixed-rate plan. These plans allow customers to secure a rate and be protected from changes in the market prices.

Others may prefer a variable-rate plan, in which the rate per kWh can change. If market prices decrease, customers may benefit from lower supply rates during their contract. However, if market prices increase, supply rates may increase as well. For customers who may be interested in a variable-rate plan, the Power Flex plan has a one-month introductory rate followed by variable pricing for the following months. Available energy supply plans will depend on the location in Texas.

Explore the Affinity Program for commercial customers

The Affinity Program is a business partnership available for commercial customers with midsize to large businesses. The Affinity Program is designed to compensate companies for each employee who signs up for a commodity program with Just Energy. Members and employees are eligible for exclusive offers on energy plans and have the chance to offset their household energy consumption. Depending on the size of the organization, a company could earn thousands of dollars through the program, and there is no cost to join the Affinity Program.

How does JustGreen Power work?

JustGreen Power plans are set up to match home or business electricity usage with renewable energy credits. When a customer signs up for a JustGreen Power plan, Just Energy will purchase renewable energy credits for up to 100 percent of the amount of power the consumer uses to add the same amount of renewable energy to the grid. Renewable energy credits may include power generated from hydro, solar and wind energy.

Using energy is inevitable for our lifestyles. Everyone uses energy whether it's for cooking, watching TV or turning on a lamp. The more we use nonrenewable resources, the more we are polluting the environment. Renewable energy credits can help reduce the pollution from our necessary energy use.

Just Energy supports local communities

According to its website, Just Energy aims to support local communities through donations, sponsorships and education. The energy provider is the official home energy sponsor of the Texas Brahmas hockey team. Just Energy also provides funding for Sheltering Arms Senior Services in Texas, a nonprofit organization promoting the health of older adults and their caregivers.

Use your power to choose

Thanks to deregulation, Texas residents have the power to choose their energy supplier instead of being forced to stick with their utility company. Since each energy supplier offers unique plans, supply rates and benefits, is a great place to learn about energy companies in Texas.

Source: Updated: 10-19-15.