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Energy Saving Tips for Your Texas Home

Everyone loves saving money on his or her bills. Learn how to shop for energy supply rates, and you might find an energy provider that can give you the power you need at an affordable price.

Want to save even more money? Learn how to save energy and reduce your electricity usage at home and your workplace, and you’ll see even more savings!

Of course, saving money and keeping your wallet a little fuller is an advantage of learning some ways to conserve, but there’s more. Another huge benefit of being more energy conscious at home is the help you’re giving the environment. The state of our atmosphere is a growing concern. We want to help by encouraging you to read and share these tips for how to use less energy.

Save energy and money with these energy saving tips

When you adopt even some simple ways to save energy, you can help the environment and your bank account.

  • You might not realize it, but your electronics, including DVD players and phone chargers, continue to suck energy even when switched off. Unplug your electronics when you're done with them.
  • Use fans to keep your house a little cooler during the summer, but turn them off once you leave a room. Fans cool people with the draft they create but not the rooms they're in.
  • Try to limit how many times you use your oven during hot months and times of the day. It’ll make your house warmer, causing your air conditioner to work harder. As much as possible, use a microwave, slow cooker or outdoor grill to cook instead.
  • Take shorter showers. Heating water takes up a big chunk of your energy usage. You can also turn your hot water thermostat down to 120 degrees and get an energy efficient water heater.
  • The Texas sun is sweltering but you can reduce how hot it makes your home by planting trees that will create shade.
  • Invest in energy efficient washers, dryers, dishwashers and TVs that use less electricity compared to traditional models.
  • Change your air filters often and have your AC unit serviced regularly.

Keeping these energy saving tips in mind can really make a difference for both your wallet and the planet. Teach your kids to turn off the lights and television when they leave a room, shop for low energy rates and get started saving electricity and money.