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Find Energy Options in Deer Park

Shopping for energy is full of choices. Before deregulation, there were no options as to which company supplied your electricity. Deer Park residents all used the same energy supplier – the local utility – with no opportunity for change. Now, the choices are wide open and if you need a different plan from your neighbor, you can probably find one. Deregulation makes it simple for you to shop around and find energy options in Deer Park.

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Understand electricity rates in Deer Park

After your electricity is generated, it is delivered to your home through your utility company. These are the companies that maintain the poles and wires that the electricity travels through as well as the meter at your house. In a regulated area, residents don’t have any other option but to get their energy from the utility in their town.

But with electricity deregulation in Texas, consumers don’t pay this utility for both energy supply and delivery. Since 2002, most of Texas has moved to an open market and now allows residents to choose their own retail electric provider, or REP. REPs buy electricity wholesale and sell supply plans to residents. The utility delivers this energy supply to homes and businesses through their poles and wires.

This deregulated system allows for more options and competition in Deer Park. Shopping for your own electricity, Deer Park residents, makes it easier for you to find what you want. You have the power to choose.

When you choose a new REP, you’ll continue to pay your local utility for energy delivery, but you’ll pay your REP for the amount of energy you actually use. If you have any problems with your electricity, such as a power outage, damaged poles or downed power lines, that’s a job for the utility. That’s the company that takes care of the actual transmission of energy and the infrastructure.

What is an EFL?

An Electricity Facts Label (EFL) gives customers specific information about their energy plan and the pricing for energy per kWh. The EFL also breaks down the pricing for your supplier and your utility and gives information about fees associated with your energy plan. Fees on your EFL may include a minimum usage fee, a termination fee or other fees. Be sure to read your EFL in detail and ask a representative if you have any questions.

Finding the best electricity rates Deer Park can offer

Your neighbors may have the same utility as you, but could have chosen a different REP for their energy supply. But now, the choice is yours to pick out the Deer Park REP you want.

It’s important to check the details of your EFL so you can find the best options for your supply of electricity in Deer Park. Learn more when you call the number above with your questions about electricity options.

Updated: 10-12-15.