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Learn More About TXU Energy

TXU Energy started in 1912 as Texas Power & Light. Now the Texas retail electric provider is headquartered in Dallas and is a subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings Corp. Since its start, TXU Energy has grown to having more than 2 million residential and commercial customers.

Explore TXU Energy products and plans

Along with traditional fixed-rate or month-to-month plans, TXU offers unique products and plans for customers. Some energy supply plans come with a TXU iThermostat. These thermostats give consumers more control of their home energy use. The TXU iThermostat can be programmed for up to seven days, and it can be adjusted from a smartphone or laptop if settings need to be changed. During the spring and autumn months when the temperatures change drastically each day, the TXU iThermostat can switch between heating and cooling automatically to maximize energy efficiency.

TXU Energy has a pay as you go plan available in some areas. This prepaid energy supply plan lets customers activate an account with no deposit or credit check. When the balance gets down to a certain point, the customer receives an alert to add more money to the account. The pay as you go supply plan allows customers to manage their account in real time.

Green energy plans from TXU Energy

Green energy comes from sources that can be replenished during a person's lifetime, such as wind, sunlight and water. Nonrenewable resources, such as coal and natural gas, are in more limited supply and can cause pollution. TXU Energy offers green energy products that use renewable resources in some areas of Texas. The provider purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) when customers purchase green energy supply plans. RECs are used to measure energy made from renewable resources that is then added to the energy grid. To show support for green energy and the importance of giving back to the environment, the Irving headquarters of the company is run on 100% wind energy.

TXU Energy gives back to the community

TXU Energy Aid is a program to help customers in need pay their electricity bills. In Texas, the hot summers make it uncomfortable to live without air conditioning. Though other retail electric providers have assisted bill-pay programs, the TXU Energy Aid program is the largest in the country.

Other programs that promote energy saving tips include Beat the Heat and Holiday Cents. Beat the Heat provides heat safety advice for Texas residents, especially senior citizens. During the colder months, TXU partners with local organizations through the Holiday Cents program and offers tips to save energy during the holiday season. The change in temperature, electric decorations and extra cooking tend to cause increases in energy bills.

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Source: Updated: 10-13-15.